Glimpses into the Heavenlies

I recently took a “devotional journey” through the last book of the Bible – Revelation. My goal was not to do an in-depth study or to understand every image; it was simply to allow the visions to inspire me – and to give me a greater view of God and his ways. This book is based on the notes I wrote through my journey; I invite you to gaze with me into the heavenly realms and be inspired!


Revelation is an amazing book to read, full of spectacular visions – of God, events in heaven, events on earth, angels, demons and men. Some are crystal clear, but some are profoundly mysterious. This journey is more a journey of seeking inspiration than of understanding. I have read some diverse interpretations of the visions and don’t want to weigh in on those debates. Instead, I have looked for “plain meaning” and tried to learn “lessons for earth” from these awesome “glimpses into the heavenlies”.


Glimpses into the Heavenlies

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