“Discipling In Community”

cover idea 3-lulu“Discipling” and “Community” are two well-worn words in church circles – and for good reasons!

When we are effective in discipling and when we live in authentic community, we are ideally positioned to experience glorious life-transformation – and to have a significant impact on our neighbourhoods.

Small groups present an ideal environment for both discipling and community – for “discipling in community”.  This book is written to help small groups become more effective “discipling communities”.

This is a practical “workbook”, sharing lessons learned from many leaders, and I hope it will help many small group leaders all over the world. It is therefore distributed at minimum cost through retail networks and a free PDF download can be accessed from the link below:

Discipling in Community

The book is available from:





One thought on ““Discipling In Community””

  1. Hi Alan!

    Thanks so much for referring me to your excellent book. It reads with ease and provided fantastic clarity about the role of community in church today. I feel it really gives practical ways to unlock the potential in small groups by keeping the ‘in”, “out” and “up” balance right.
    This would be super helpful to any small group leader striving to disciple better.


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