virusA most fearsome virus has been running totally rampant, world-wide! This is the pandemic of pandemics, far worse that HIV! It is highly contagious. Its alive and well on every continent. It is 100% transmitted from mother to child. It is virtually undetectable and largely untreated because the symptoms are generally regarded as “normal”. And it is terminal; if left untreated, it has a 100% death rate.

The grim reality is that if you have not been treated, you have it.

The CRAZY thing is that there IS a known antidote! And it is 100% effective! It was discovered thousands of years ago, and millions testify to being cured!

You would therefore think that the virus would have been totally irradicated by now… yet there is ENORMOUS resistance to the treatment… Widespread resistance – from media, from society and from governments is suppressing the knowledge of both the virus and the cure. Their goal seems to be to deny reality!


Far worse.

It’s a self-hiding condition.

It carries a stigma no-one wants. Very few people want to even consider the possibility of being infected, let alone admit to having the virus. Its too humbling. It means admitting to being weak and helpless. So for most people, its easier to ignore it or deny it.

Its crazy! People are living with a death sentence over their lives rather than be vulnerable and seek treatment!

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Do you know the cure?

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