Walking through the wall

Brickwall-1We may not be able to describe it or explain it, but all introverts know it’s there – that invisible wall that stands between us and that unfamiliar person we need to walk up to and engage.

It would be so much easier to avoid the interaction. It takes significant emotional energy to walk through that wall. But when we do, there are great things to experience on the other side! New friends to make, new lessons to learn, new opportunities to take…

It’s beautiful on the other side! 

I faced this wall on a regular basis when I embraced my call to pastoral ministry. There were visitors to greet and new people to phone (no one told me that “cold calling” was part of the job!) There were strangers to visit and to counsel. Each interaction required me to “push through” that invisible wall. I would rather have avoided these encounters, but that was not an option – so I “pushed through”!

What greeted me on the other side was life-changing. I have made friends who have enriched my life in so many ways. I have been able to “journey with people” through both highs and lows and I‘ve seen many people overcome seemingly impossible odds. I’ve learned many invaluable lessons.

It’s beautiful on the other side! 

In case you’re wondering what strange world I live in, let me confess that some of my encounters were neither inspiring nor enriching – some far from it! But they were all helpful – because they helped me get better at “walking through the wall”.

In case you’re thinking that I’ve been miraculously transformed into an extrovert, a recent psychometric test has confirmed that I remain naturally introverted. I surely do enjoy an “unfair advantage” – it would be dishonest not to acknowledge the supernatural working of God in my life – but I still have to “walk through my wall”.

You may have developed the habit of staying on your side of that wall. You may have many real reasons to keep you there. I understand some of them. I’m not telling you that it’s easy to walk through the wall. I’m telling you that it’s worth it. 

It’s beautiful on the other side!

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